Roof Light Replacement

Over time Rooflights are often affected by UV-degradation causing them to perish, lowering the level of natural light that is coming into the building and often causing water ingress issues.
Existing Industrial rooflights may be constructed from a range of materials including georgian wired glazing, PVC and reinforced polyester resin (GRP).
We are trained and experienced to replace roof lights in a wide variety of site scenarios including:

Factory assembled rooflights
Barrel vaulted site assembled rooflight replacement
Georgian wire rooflight replacement
Northern light rooflight replacement
Flat roofing rooflight dome replacement

If you are considering replacing any of your buildings existing rooflights, we are able to complete a detailed survey to establish which rooflight is right for your requirements. We can then complete a roof light replacement whilst your building is live, causing minimal disruption to ongoing business operations below. Our experienced installers will provide new rooflight systems which are weathertight and fully guaranteed.


  • Manufacturer backed guarantees up to 25 years’
  • Approved installers of many of the UK’s leading roofing systems
  • Some of the most highly trained operatives in the industry
  • We use the latest plant and equipment
  • Engineers strategically located throughout the UK
  • Management team with over 100 years combined Roofing experience

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